Helen Ross Revutsky was born to an artistic family. Her childhood was spent backstage of the theatre where her parents worked - her father as the visual artist, mother as the stage director. After finishing high school, Helen was engaged in private studios of various fine artists. After, she studied Children's books Illustration in an Art College in London. She has also worked as an artist and character developer in the Government Puppet Theater in Kiev.

Helen's first book “ I am reading the Alphabet” was published with great success by A.Gradsky). The book has had many re-publications since then and still in print.
Helen has won several very significant competitions, one held by a mainstream newspaper for her poems and artwork, and another for a single piece of art in a competition by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

At this present moment Helen Ross Revutsky has twenty-eight books in publication, which are on sale in the United States, Spain, the UK and France. Her fine art work has been housed by several prestigious private galleries in Paris, London and Barcelona. Helen is currently living and working in London.